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Innovative consulting firm specializing in web development, enterprise data search and data analytics. We A.I.M (Analyze, Implement, Maintain) to help improve processes, find value in your data, and provide impact points with low cost, optimized implementation and increased data awareness.




By specializing in data analysis, big data and enterprise search we can easily collaborate and find resources to enact real-time solutions to right now problems. We have been able to leverage a set of skills from various sources to help implement solutions that will benefit the customer with reduced cost and improved performance. Our data monetization division is the foundation of what we do to help clients find the missing pieces and put together a clearer picture into whatever they are doing to help reduce costs and increase performance.

Software Development

With a strong community of partnerships and reach back we are also able to provide “forward-thinking” innovation that will project our solution to be scalable, and more reliable for future use without question. These solutions can be scaled for lightweight performance and a low network footprint using tested technologies or a very robust enterprise solution to be accessible at the discretion of the customer.


Here at RiVA, we offer various tools and resources to help you compose a comprehensive needs assessment at the organizational, occupational and individual levels. We focus on the gap between performance required and current performance to properly assess the difference; if any exist; explore solutions to close the gap and identify any risks if the gap is ignored.

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Business Process
Software Development
Enterprise Data
Thought Leadership
Innovation Consulting

Eighty percent of success is showing up

— Woody Allen —

Our Services

Partnering with us will provide you with process improvement, data monetization techniques and potential development of enterprise data search products to help find actionable information faster using proven software development and integration principles we will provide solutions in a reduced time and budget as opposed to our competitors.

Process Improvement

Using Life cycle methodologies, SCRUM and extreme programming techniques we help to impact bottom line costs by limiting time for research and development.

What we offer
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Experience

Data Monetization

We help to identify data gaps in current business models that can increase/impact profit margins by reducing lost information, research and mining tasks and increase profit margins by identifying trends, predictions and past performance. We also help to centralize desperate data across legacy and current warehousing in order to reduce in-house research and increase task completion.

What we offer
  • Identify Data
  • Design Services
  • Storage and Access
  • Business Intelligence and Analysis
  • Presentation

Enterprise Data Search

We help to implement a enterprise wide search solution that can be used as software-as-a-service product built on open-source technologies with strict information security and accessible standards according to industry standards. We are 508, HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxely compliant when it comes to proprietary and PII.

What we offer
  • Analyze
  • Implement
  • Maintain

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You only lack experience if they want it done the same old way.

— Robert Brault —


Everyone at RIVA is a partner, not simply an employee. We provide our team with a share of the intellectual property and the ongoing success of our client relationships - we find this creates a culture with more buy-in to the success of our clients and that of our company, It's a win-win.

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